About Me


About Us! Well if I'm honest, it should really read, About Me!

Hi I'm Kim and I love visual styling, I'm a small business owner, busy single mother of a talented boy and I love to dance as if no-one's watching...with decades of experience in home design, home styling and gift buying. I also hold an enormous love of ALL THINGS BALI; the talented artisans, endless shopping, indulgent, soothing massages and relaxed resort style living.

So.. after my 2018 trip to Indonesia, I set myself a challenge! How to create that same relaxed vacay vibe in mine and friends and family's homes in the middle of everyday life.

The solution was evident!  After countless product sourcing trips to Bali and knocking on many doors, I created Candle Culture in 2019 in my home town, Adelaide, South Australia.

At the forefront of all business decisions, were my core values; consideration for our environment, in particular sustainable, eco-friendly, organic where possible and yet still affordable and accessible to everyone.

Candle Culture has evolved as most business' do over time, and now import brush painted beeswax candles, handmade homewares and giftware from Bali. I also support and source Australian made essential oils, beauty products and self-care items.  I give back to two very worth charitable causes - See our $1 Project page.

While it’s not possible for many of us to fly across the world to some fancy island bungalow right now, it is possible to channel some of those vacay vibes in your Aussie space.  So.. go on.. hang a hammock, build a firepit, dine al fresco, go big with house plants, update your home decor, light your candles and soak up that signature scent.

So go ahead, find what you love at Candle Culture, subscribe and become an a member of our tribe. You'll receive our monthly newsletter, detailing hints and tips, the latest in relaxed living, discounts and freebies.. cos we ALL love a FREEBIE and discover how to make essential and mundane tasks dignified, joyful and beautiful!

I look forward to sharing with you and if you have something you'd love to share with our tribe, please send it through via our Contact Us Page or by all means pick up the phone. I love to chat!